Team GB Women Beat Denmark – Day 4 of Curling Schedule at the Winter Olympics

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Team GB’s women beat Denmark 7-6 on day four of the curling at the Winter Olympics hosted at the Gangnueng Curling Centre and skip Eve Muirhead is very happy with the team’s performance and win ratio so far.

"Sitting on three and one just now, I would have taken that at this stage at the start of the week,” she said.

“We had a really solid game and I think most crucial part was the second half and that was when we were able to step it up and start making some great curling shots. I do think as a team we have a lot more in the tank and some gears we can go up so we will need to do that later on when we take on Korea.

“The sixth end was a really good end and it is crucial that we take our two’s in the even ends, we went in pretty hard for that two after a great fifth end chat with Glen (Howard), Kelly (Schafer) and Tony (Zummack). We knew that we had to make some good shots to get that and that is exactly what we did. She (skip Madeleine Dupont) played a great double to cut us down to two otherwise we could have scored three there, but we are really pleased.”

Commenting on the game ahead and the strong home side, Muirhead added: “Korea is a great team and there is no taking that away from them. When you have a crowd and a packed stadium like it will be tonight, all behind their players, it is going to make it tough. But as a team we know we have to zone that all out and just enjoy playing in such a great atmosphere and I am really looking forward to the game.”

Noting the noise in the stadium generated from the big crowds, the skip conceded there were some challenges but overall it helped add to the excitement and energy in the arena.

“Communication is an issue as you have to make sure that the sweepers can hear you so that comes down to clinical communication, so when you are in the hack before you play the stone they know what plan a and plan b is. But that is what will make for such an exciting game tonight and it makes curling look pretty cool.

“The crowds will make for a great week ahead. We have a lot of tough teams coming up so if we can continue to step up through the week I think we will be in a good place.”

Team GB’s men’s curlers are back in action next and play home nation Korea.

Women’s Standings after session five (win-loss):

Sweden 4-0
Great Britain 3-1
Japan 3-1
Korea 2-1
China 2-2
United States 2-2
Denmark 1-3
Switzerland 1-3
Canada 0-3

Men’s Standings after session five (win-loss):

Canada 4-0
Sweden 4-0
Great Britain 2-2
Italy 2-2
Switzerland 2-2
United States 2-2
Japan 1-2
Norway 1-2
Denmark 1-3
Korea 0-4

Competition schedule (GMT) and results:

14 February
00.05 GB v Switzerland (men) 6-5
05.05 GB v OAR (women) 10-3
11.05 GB v Canada (men) 6-4

15 February
00.05 GB v USA (women) 4-7
05.05 GB v Japan (men) 6-5
11.05 GB v China (women) 8-7 (EE)

16 February
11.05 GB v Sweden (men) 6-8

17 February 
11.05 GB v Denmark (women) 7-6
05.05 GB v Korea (men)
11.05 GB v Korea (women)

18 February
05.05 GB v Sweden (women)
11.05 GB v Italy (men)

19 February
05.05 GB v Denmark (men)
11.05 GB v Switzerland (women)

20 February
00.05 GB v Norway (men)
05.05 GB v Japan (women)

21 February
00.05 GB v Canada (women)
11.05 GB v USA (men)

22 February
00.05 Tiebreakers men and women
11.05 Semi finals (men)

23 February
06.30 Bronze (men)
11.05 Semi finalsl (women)

24 February
06.30 Final (men)
11.05 Bronze (women)

25 February
00.05 Final (women)


Photos: WCF / Richard Gray

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