Team GB Women Take Unbeaten Sweden to Extra End But Lose Out On Day 5 of Curling Schedule at the Winter Olympics

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Team GB ‘s women took Sweden to an extra end on day five of the round robin curling tournament at the Olympic Games, but eventually lost out 8-6 to Sweden when skip Eve Muirhead’s last stone was removed from play for a hog line violation.* It was a particularly disappointing way to finish the game following a solid performance from the British quartet who had seriously tested the only unbeaten team in the women’s competition.

Team Muirhead had fought back from 3-0 down and a double take out at the fourth end from skip Eve Muirhead put the Swedes under pressure and following a missed shot by their skip Anna Hasselborg at the fifth, gave the Brits a steal of one putting them level at the fifth end break.

At the closing stages of the match Sweden scored a two at the ninth, but the GB representatives again responded to the challenge and scoring two at the tenth took the game to an extra end. However their challenge came to an abrupt end when Eve Muirhead’s stone was removed and Hasselborg – whose team is currently third in the world - made the shot for two to claim the match and maintain their 100% record in the tournament.

Eve Muirhead said after the game: “Obviously it was a disappointing way to finish that game, getting a hog line violation at such a crucial time in the game, it is pretty gut wrenching to be honest.

“I have looked at the replays and it looks like I had released the stone, but we did what we should and had the stone tested and the handle tested fine so there is nothing I can do, I have to accept it and move on. That is curling and that is sport, decisions come down to millimetres. However we are a strong unit, a great team who have got each other’s backs but it is just tough right now and feels like it has been the story of our week so far just missing out by inches here and there,” she said.

“I am confident about the way the team has played and I know we still have a couple of gears to go and I firmly believe we can make the play-offs we just need to make sure we don’t run out of matches now.

“Despite the disappointment there are loads of positives to take away from the game and that is what we must focus on now. There are still some key missed shots and we are not on fire yet and we need to ensure we do not leave it too late. We have made some great curling shots today and the team played really well against an unbeaten side who were also playing well, it just such a shame it came down to the last stone in the extra end and it makes me feel a bit sick. But you just have to take the good with the bad in sport.

Commenting on getting to grips with the conditions, she added: “The ice is a bit tricky you have to know to commit to that speed and you just have to be the team that grasps it first, and adapt to that. They are going to maintain the rocks now so that will make them curl more and that will suit us and also the boys who are playing tonight,

“I firmly believe we are still in play –off contention and we are doing it the hard way but we have settled in and as a team will be ready for our next matches.”

Standings after women session seven (win-loss):

Sweden 5-0
Japan 4-1
Korea 4-1
China 3-3
Great Britain 3-3
Canada 2-3
United States 2-3
Denmark 1-4
Olympic Athlete from Russia 1-4
Switzerland 1-4

Men’s standings after session six (win-loss):

Sweden 5-0
Canada 4-1
Switzerland 3-2
Japan 2-2
United States 2-2
Great Britain 2-3
Italy 2-3
Denmark 1-3
Norway 1-3
Korea 1-4

Competition schedule (GMT) and results:

14 February
00.05 GB v Switzerland (men) 6-5
05.05 GB v OAR (women) 10-3
11.05 GB v Canada (men) 6-4

15 February
00.05 GB v USA (women) 4-7
05.05 GB v Japan (men) 6-5
11.05 GB v China (women) 8-7 (EE)

16 February
11.05 GB v Sweden (men) 6-8

17 February
11.05 GB v Denmark (women) 7-6
05.05 GB v Korea (men) 5-11
11.05 GB v Korea (women) 4-7

18 February
05.05 GB v Sweden (women) 6-8
11.05 GB v Italy (men)

19 February
05.05 GB v Denmark (men)
11.05 GB v Switzerland (women)

20 February
00.05 GB v Norway (men)
05.05 GB v Japan (women)

21 February
00.05 GB v Canada (women)
11.05 GB v USA (men)

22 February
00.05 Tiebreakers men and women
11.05 Semi finals (men)

23 February
06.30 Bronze (men)
11.05 Semi finals (women)

24 February
06.30 Final (men)
11.05 Bronze (women)

25 February
00.05 Final (women)


Photos: WCF / Richard Gray

*Hog line violation – the hog line is the point by which the curler has to have released a stone.

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