Team GB’s Men Secure 7-6 Victory over Denmark on Day 6 of the Curling Schedule at the Winter Olympics

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Team GB’s men registered a 7-6 win against Denmark to move to four wins and three losses on day six of the round robin tournament at the Olympic Games hosted in Korea.

In a nip and tuck the both teams exchanged singles over the first four ends before Denmark secured a double at the fifth to lead 4-2 at the break. Team Smith responded with a two at the next and from there the teams kept each other to singles until, with hammer in the last end, Smith’s rink cleared the way for their skip to deliver their final stone into the rings for a narrow victory to keep their play-off chances alive.

Kyle Smith feels that the team needs to continue to step up their game as they reach the business end of the week at the Gangneung Curling Centre. Smith said: “After we went to two wins and three losses we knew we had to win a couple of games and it's looking much more positive now we've had those results against Italy and Denmark.

"We need to keep that same strategy for the next two games now and we won't be far away.”

On playing Norway next, he said: "We've played Norway a lot and they've got years of experience in their team. We beat them when we last played them at the European Championships but they've beaten us plenty of times too. We've got room to step it up a little and if we do that, I think we will be alright."

Thomas Muirhead who plays third for the team said: "That was a tough game and we struggled a bit early on but we started to pull things together. We gave ourselves the best chance in that tenth end. We all played 100 percent when we really needed to and that's what it takes sometimes.

"When you are playing these games and you aren't firing, but you are still winning, that's a great boost for confidence. We've still got notches to go up."

Giving an overview on the team performances against Denmark and Italy, both games finishing with the same score line - albeit the previous game went to an extra end - coach Viktor Kjell said: “It was the same as the game yesterday, it was a tight game and it was a close battle out there. We needed to get the advantage at the closing stages of that game and once again, we were the strongest team out there when we needed to be.

“It was a great team performance but there is still room for improvement from all of them and we definitely need to pick our game up in the two games to come. The opponents tomorrow and the day after that are a bit tougher than the teams we faced in the last two days. The most important thing today was to come away with the win and we did that and I am proud of how well the boys have handled the situation today because I know the pressure they are under when you get into those situations.

“So well executed by the team and nice for Kyle to make a good draw at the end to win the game,” Kjell added.

Team Smith face Norway and then the USA, meanwhile Sweden’s men have already qualified for the semi finals.

GB’s women are next on ice and play Switzerland, who are ranked fourth in the world.

Men’s standings after session nine (win-loss):

Sweden 6-1 Q
Switzerland 5-2
Canada 4-3
Great Britain 4-3
Japan 3-3
Norway 3-3
United States 3-4
Denmark 2-5
Italy 2-5
Korea 2-5

Women’s Standings after session seven (win-loss):

Sweden 5-0
Japan 4-1
Korea 4-1
China 3-3
Great Britain 3-3
Canada 2-3
United States 2-3
Denmark 1-4
Olympic Athlete from Russia 1-4
Switzerland 1-4

Competition schedule (GMT) and results:

14 February
00.05 GB v Switzerland (men) 6-5
05.05 GB v OAR (women) 10-3
11.05 GB v Canada (men) 6-4

15 February
00.05 GB v USA (women) 4-7
05.05 GB v Japan (men) 6-5
11.05 GB v China (women) 8-7 (EE)

16 February
11.05 GB v Sweden (men) 6-8

17 February
11.05 GB v Denmark (women) 7-6
05.05 GB v Korea (men) 5-11
11.05 GB v Korea (women) 4-7

18 February
05.05 GB v Sweden (women) 6-8
11.05 GB v Italy (men) 7-6

19 February
05.05 GB v Denmark (men) 7-6
11.05 GB v Switzerland (women)

20 February
00.05 GB v Norway (men)
05.05 GB v Japan (women)

21 February
00.05 GB v Canada (women)
11.05 GB v USA (men)

22 February
00.05 Tiebreakers men and women
11.05 Semi finals (men)

23 February
06.30 Bronze (men)
11.05 Semi finals (women)

24 February
06.30 Final (men)
11.05 Bronze (women)

25 February
00.05 Final (women)


Photos: WCF / Richard Gray

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