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Team Muirhead claimed their third consecutive win on the third day of the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships in St Gallen, beating Italy 8-1 in just six ends.

Scotland scored a two in the first end and picked up a three at the third which proved to be a turning point in the game.

Skip Eve Muirhead said after her team’s dominant performance: “We played really well again and obviously got off to a good start. They had a hard shot for a one at the third and ticked ours and after that they had to score big to get past us.

“I guess from there we knew we had the game. It was enjoyable as the ice conditions have been so consistent which really helps, so for each draw you know exactly where to put the brush down it just makes it easier,” she said.

Tactical Coach Glenn Howard added: “It was a very impressive performance, from all aspects and really from the first rock. I am really pleased with the girls they had a ton of great shots out there and I really like what I am seeing.

“They didn’t leave the other team any shots out there and to be honest there is not a lot more that I can say other than they have clearly built on the performances from yesterday and we want to carry that momentum into our next match later on,” he said.

Team Muirhead face Germany at 7pm tonight (GMT) and Muirhead feels their current standings doesn’t reflect their potential.

“They are a good team and are coming off four losses in the tournament so far so they will be eager to turn that around. We will prepare for that match with the same attitude and build on how we just played out there,” she said.

Please click here for more information and results from the European Championships in St Gallen, Switzerland (17-25 November).

Overall results:
(M)Scotland 3 wins 1 loss
(W)Scotland 3 wins 1 loss

Day 3 Results:
(M)Scotland v Germany 4-6
(W)Scotland v Italy 8-1
(M)Scotland v Slovakia
(W)Scotland v Germany

Day 2 Results:
(W)Scotland v Russia 8-7
(M)Scotland v Russia 5-3
(W)Scotland v Denmark 6-1

Day 1 Results:
(M)Scotland v Austria 7-2
(W)Scotland v Sweden 2-5
(M)Scotland v Italy 7-3

Scotland’s representatives:

Team Muirhead
Eve Muirhead
Anna Sloan
Vicki Adams
Lauren Gray
Kelly Schafer

Team Smith
Kyle Smith
Thomas Muirhead
Kyle Waddell
Cammy Smith
Glen Muirhead

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