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Scotland’s women got off to another flying start on their way to beating the Czech Republic 8-4 and in doing so secured their place in the play-offs at the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships in St Gallen.

Muirhead’s rink claimed a three in the first end which set them up nicely as they progressed through the game and were never headed by their opponents.

Skip Eve Muirhead said after her sixth consecutive victory in the round robin phase: “It was another great team effort. At the first end Anna had a cracking hit and roll behind the guard and so did Vicki as well. I had a slash double and made it for three.

“For the rest of the game it was quite straightforward with Vicki and Anna peeling and Lauren’s draw weight perfect, so it was easy for me to do my bit and finish off. The girls made my job easy today and we kept to our clinical processes,” she said.

“In a way for the opposition it is the best time to give up a three so they have nine ends to chase us and make up for it, but we just made sure we didn’t give away any chances and we were in full control of that game.”

Muirhead’s rink having now qualified for the play-offs on a 6-1 win loss ratio have no intention of taking their feet off the gas when they play Switzerland (also on a 6-1 win loss ratio) later on.

Muirhead added: “We have a tough game ahead against the Swiss and obviously they have a lot of home support here in the arena. However the Scottish supporters arrived last night so they will make plenty of noise for us too and we will just aim to keep it going. We are looking for to it.”

Team Smith are next on ice playing hosts Switzerland – the only men’s team still unbeaten in tournament.

Please click here for more information and results from the European Championships in St Gallen, Switzerland (17-25 November).

Overall results:
(M)Scotland 5 wins 2 losses
(W)Scotland 6 wins 1 loss

Day 5 Results:

(W)Scotland v Czech Republic 8-4
(M)Scotland v Switzerland
(W)Scotland v Switzerland

Day 4 Results:
(M)Scotland v Sweden 4-5
(W)Scotland v Turkey 8-3
(M)Scotland v Norway 8-7

Day 3 Results:
(M)Scotland v Germany 4-6
(W)Scotland v Italy 8-1
(M)Scotland v Slovakia 8-1
(W)Scotland v Germany 8-5

Day 2 Results:
(W)Scotland v Russia 8-7
(M)Scotland v Russia 5-3
(W)Scotland v Denmark 6-1

Day 1 Results:
(M)Scotland v Austria 7-2
(W)Scotland v Sweden 2-5
(M)Scotland v Italy 7-3

Scotland’s representatives:

Team Muirhead
Eve Muirhead
Anna Sloan
Vicki Adams
Lauren Gray
Kelly Schafer

Team Smith
Kyle Smith
Thomas Muirhead
Kyle Waddell
Cammy Smith
Glen Muirhead

PHOTO: WCF / Celine Stucki (above) Howard Eakin (below).

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