Scots Battling For Olympic Berth After Day of Mixed Results

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Team Scotland had mixed fortunes on the penultimate day of round robin sessions at the Ford World Men’s Curling Championships in Edmonton and are now battling to secure an Olympic place for Team GB at the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang.

Team Murdoch fell behind early in their game against Sweden and faced an uphill battle from there on against Team Edin, who earlier this season won the European Championships in Braehead and also have pedigree at the Worlds having won the title twice before.

British Curling’s Head Coach Tony Zummack said “When you find yourself down against a Team like Niklas Edin you are going to have your work cut out for you and the guys battled as hard as they could.

“Unfortunately it was one of those games where we couldn’t quite get back to level and then get ahead, so we were always chasing in that game and a team like Edin’s always hit really, really well.

“However that said we had two focuses this week to reach the play-offs and to secure an Olympic berth. After that defeat obviously the play-offs moved further from our sights however the Olympic qualification is still there to be played for.

“The guys then showed a lot of character when they went back out there and got the job done against Italy and that result puts the balls back in our court going into the final day with two round robin sessions left.

“This is one of those championships where every game matters and we can’t dwell on opportunities missed but have to look at opportunities in front of us and make sure we capitalise on those.”

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Day 1 – Scotland v Norway 6-9
Day 2 – Scotland v USA 9-4
Day 2 – Scotland v Japan 7-4
Day 3 – Scotland v China 7-9
Day 3 – Scotland v Canada 2-8
Day 4 – Scotland v Switzerland 5-6
Day 4 – Scotland v Netherlands 9-5
Day 5 – Scotland v Sweden 4-6
Day 5 – Scotland v Italy 6-2

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